Boston IT Forecast 2021
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With the New Year now here, it warrants an analysis of the technology industry in Boston and New England. Obviously, the region still feels the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, which caused a significant impact on the local IT market. Still, with COVID-19 expected to wane throughout 2021, the forecast for the local tech scene looks promising.

If you want to take your technology career to a higher level, understanding your region’s IT market is a must. This high-level overview of the 2021 Boston tech industry forecast offers the insights you need for professional success. Leverage this information to make the right decisions throughout the year.

Three Predictions for the Tech Industry in 2021

Working From Home Changes Tech Landscape

Traditionally, the IT industry largely stayed immune to economic downturns. In fact, most Boston companies instituting a work from home policy due to COVID-19 kept their productivity levels high. Expect local organizations to continue similar policies in 2021 and beyond.

This change allows companies to widen their candidate pools when sourcing IT talent. It’s an approach proving to be helpful for in-demand positions like cybersecurity. Keep this in mind, if you plan on searching for a new position in 2021. Also expect companies to conduct job interviews online, so be sure to practice your virtual interviewing techniques.

IT Industry Growth Predicted to Continue

COVID did cause the IT industry to slightly miss predicted revenue projections, according to the technology analyst group, IDC. However, a bounce-back for the tech world is on the cards for 2021, with $5 trillion in the industry revenue forecast. IDC predicts an annual growth rate of five percent in the industry through 2024. In short, any minor COVID malaise is expected to be temporary.

Remote Working and 5G Highlight Networking Changes in 2021

With remote working becoming more of a normality, expect the Cloud and networking to both grow in importance for 2021. Cybersecurity becomes even more paramount in this environment, as employees access corporate networks and Cloud services from home. Needless to say, the great demand for Boston cybersecurity professionals isn’t expected to wane.

While 5G gets a lot of buzz on commercials, its biggest impact remains in the industrial space. 5G’s lower latencies offer the potential to make the IoT truly become a gamechanger. Expect tech pros with experience in the Cloud and network administration to enjoy robust opportunities in 2021.

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