Evolving Business Trends 2021
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2020 is seeing a massive transformation of the global business world. The Coronavirus pandemic obviously played its part, as companies quickly moved to allow their employees to work from home. In the wake of this diaspora, many firms enjoyed increased productivity while saving money on their real estate bill.

Other emerging trends, including automation and AI, are influencing how work gets done. Let’s take a high-level overview on the trends driving the new future of work. Leverage these insights to ensure your organization is able to thrive in this ever-changing marketplace.

How Are Business Trends Impacting How We Work?

1. Increased Collaboration Between Technology and Business

Disparate technology and business teams at a company increasingly need to collaborate to create value for the business. This synergy remains one of the reasons organizations follow an Agile approach to their software development process. An ITOps team focused on excellence is an obvious benefit, but only within the context of achieving successful business outcomes.

This trend is leading many enterprises to evolve from a project or service-based delivery model to one focused on outcomes. Expect an emphasis on cross-team collaboration to continue as a result.

2. Delivering Business Value is The Prime Directive for IT

The cloud and the subsequent “as-a-service” model continue to allow companies to focus on their core business competencies. Days spent running a robust internal IT operations department are gone for many. As a result, these streamlined IT teams must now focus on delivering business value. So expect them to leverage automation and machine learning for an extra efficiency boost.

3. Technology Now Driving Revenue Generation

A leaner IT role within businesses means these departments are transforming from cost centers to revenue generators. As such, tech teams now need to focus on innovative ideas that drive business growth. Jo-ann Olsovsky, Salesforce CIO, commented on this shift: “IT needs to demonstrate an innovation agenda. A company has to feel that IT is a change agent that’s positioning the business for the future.”

4. Cybersecurity Remains Critical

Unfortunately, a digital economy is one where hackers and other cybercriminals thrive. Because of this risk, companies must still focus on cybersecurity as a major directive throughout all operations. This approach includes integrating security into all new products and services. Ensuring customers and clients enjoy a secure digital experience is paramount.

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