IT Careers in New England 2021
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A successful professional life in IT requires you to take the right career path. This approach demands both knowledge and wisdom, considering the constant changes within the tech world. After all, the demand for experts in Flash isn’t the same as 10-15 years ago. Therefore, understanding the hottest IT careers becomes paramount.

With continued success in mind, here are the IT job roles growing in 2021 and beyond. Leverage this information to ensure you make the right decisions for your career growth. Remember, you need to understand the market for the best chance at the greatest job opportunities.

Four IT Careers that are Expanding In the Boston Area

Cloud Architect

As more companies migrate their technical infrastructures to Cloud-based service providers, the demand for experienced Cloud professionals increases. Cloud architects craft secure and reliable solutions based on the stated business need. These technical professionals tend to specialize in specific platforms, like Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As a senior-level position, Cloud architects typically boast at least 8-10 years of experience. Of course, their responsibility level needs to progressively increase over that time. Experience with multiple Cloud platforms and virtualization is another typical requirement.

Cyber Security Analyst

The continued growth of eCommerce and online financial services makes an attractive target for hackers. Because of this threat, companies in the space require the cybersecurity professionals – like the cybersecurity analyst — to protect technical assets. Experience and cybersecurity-related certifications, like the CISSP, are typical requirements for these job roles.

Data Analyst

Companies still struggle to wean actionable information out of their stored data; expect this trend to continue in 2021. Data analysts understand both the database technology and the underlying business requirements to provide the critical info stakeholders need. They also understand data governance; helping to ensure data integrity and consistency.

Depending on the specific position, a few years of experience with SQL database queries and business analysis is a must. Additionally, exposure to data warehouse and business intelligence tools is another standard requirement. Some positions also require an advanced degree.

Software Engineer

The need for talented software engineers is expected to increase throughout 2021 and beyond. This wide-ranging job role includes engineers building embedded systems or even a Windows desktop application. The experience required depends on the specific position, especially concerning platform and programming language.

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