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In today’s IT world, companies need a well-rounded tech stack to successfully navigate these uncertain waters.

Following this approach helps keep your organization nimble, which is critical for growth in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Transitioning to a remote workforce is only one of the reasons businesses need a balanced approach to their operations.

What follows are a few strategies aimed at positioning your organization for success in 2021 and beyond. Making the right technology and operational decisions now benefits your company in the future. Use this opportunity to give your business the best chance to succeed.

Taking an Agile and Cloud-Based Approach is the Right Strategy

During economic uncertainty, the wise business focuses on evolution as opposed to revolution. Forego any major operational changes, and instead concentrate on making your company run more efficiently. The management consulting firm McKinsey commented on taking this balanced approach to lead to continued success.

“Most companies won’t have the management bandwidth and resources to take on a full-scale modernization in the next 12 to 18 months. By focusing on setting up or enhancing a cloud-based data platform and equipping agile teams with automated software delivery, CIOs can double, or even triple, development velocity in the short term,” noted McKinsey.

In short, make wise investments in your tech stack. Re-engineer any inefficient processes with the hope of improving operations. Helping your employees become more productive – especially remote workers – pays off in the end. Ultimately, an agile and Cloud-based approach makes perfect sense in this environment.

Analyze Current Technologies You Hope to Implement in the Future

Of course, this strategy doesn’t mean ignoring potentially revolutionary technology innovations. Research and analyze technologies slated to make an impact over the next five years. Make plans to add these to your tech stack in a gradual manner. Automated machine learning and software-defined networking provide two intriguing examples for exploration.

Following a measured path prevents your organization from suffering the technical debt that hampers the growth of many businesses. Those companies tended towards becoming early adopters without first performing the necessary research. Becoming saddled with a tech stack that’s outdated before its time remains a risk to avoid. Once again, take the opportunity of a slow economy to plan wisely for future opportunities.

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