Attract Top IT Talent 2021
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Talented technology employees remain the lifeblood of a constantly changing business world. As such, companies strive to source, recruit, and hire the best IT candidates in a highly competitive landscape.

In the end, a failure to attract the best technical professionals makes it difficult for those companies to succeed. This is especially the case in the wake of COVID-19.

With an eye towards employing the brightest tech pros, here are some tips on recruiting and retaining great talent. Of course, the situation is now different with remote working becoming the new normal. Leverage these ideas to keep your organization ahead of its competition.

How To Find IT Professionals

1. Offering Flexibility in Both Location and Time

Even before the pandemic, companies offered flexible scheduling as a perk to attract exemplary IT candidates. Now, that flexibility also takes into account an employee’s location. Remote working is likely to become commonplace, as companies maintained their productivity levels with their employees mostly telecommuting.

Because of working from home, companies also get the opportunity to widen their candidate pools. This helps when recruiting certain positions highly in demand, like cybersecurity professionals and data scientists.

2. Providing a Culture of Support

Organizations known for fostering a culture of employee development and support enjoy an advantage when recruiting IT talent. In a post-COVID world, expect offering expanded parental leave and mental health support to become the norm. Providing additional PTO to employees is another option. This approach also helps with retention.

3. Leveraging Temporary Employees to Close a Skills Gap

Successfully competing in the modern economy requires employees experienced in state of the art technology innovations, like AI. Thus, expect companies to leverage short-term contract talent to quickly fill a skills gap on important project work. Current employees benefit from the chance to work with experienced professionals in the latest tech. Once again, wider talent pools make it easier to quickly find the required temporary talent.

4. Empathic Leadership Helps Attract Talent

Companies with leadership that truly cares about their employees’ personal and professional lives enjoy a higher retention rate. Once again, this offers another example of why fostering a culture of support is important for any organization. It also makes it easier to attract talented IT pros to join their team. Any business who wants to thrive during difficult times benefits from this approach.

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