IT in Boston 2021
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The Boston and New England region ranks as one of the most important technology hubs in the United States. Powered by strong financial, research, and educational sectors, the area offers lucrative opportunities for both companies and tech professionals.

However, the market for experienced IT talent remains tight; requiring a proactive approach from companies to hire the best.

Let’s look at the Boston technology jobs market, with a goal of finding the right hiring strategy for you. After all, it’s important not to get left behind by your competition when sourcing talented tech professionals. Your company’s success ultimately depends on it.

What is Projected For The IT Industry in Boston and New England?

Boston Remains an Important Technology Center in the Country

According to a recent study, Boston ranks seventh in the nation when it comes to employees working in IT. At the time of the study, the number of workers approached 150,000 and continues to grow. When considering the relative size of the metro area, the region ranks actually higher on a per capita basis. Needless to say, New England remains highly important to the country’s technology footprint.

The Boston IT scene also champions innovation and new ideas. The region ranking fifth in the country in patent activity proves this fact. From emerging startups to established giants in their business sector, Boston is home to many thriving organizations. Needless to say, the competition for tech talent between these firms remains fierce.

Strategies for Recruiting Technology Professionals in New England

Companies need to take a proactive approach when sourcing IT talent in Boston and New England. Of course, paying competitive salaries and providing a generous benefits package matters. Tech pros also want to work with organizations with interesting work and a career ladder to success.

Additionally, offering flexible scheduling and remote working is critical in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. A robust employee development program, with training and a tuition reimbursement benefit, is critical to attract the best candidates. A company culture focused on diversity and inclusion also matters.

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

Partnering with an experienced technical staffing agency in Boston also needs to be part of your company’s staffing calculus. The best agencies boast large candidate pools filled with previously vetted technology professionals. It’s a great way to quickly hire the talent you need for success in a competitive marketplace.

Are you building your IT team?

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