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As one of the most important technology incubators in the country, the IT scene in Boston typically thrives annually. Of course, it also helps being home to top companies in other business sectors, like financial and asset management.

New England technology talent helps these organizations transform their businesses to compete successfully in the modern economy.

What follows is a quick overview of the Boston technology scene and its connection to the asset management business sector. We also highlight a few top positions available for technology professionals looking to work in this space. Use this information to help build a rewarding IT career.

The Boston Tech Scene Rebounds From COVID-19

While some layoffs due to the Coronavirus impacted the Boston technology scene, it largely remains on a rebound. In fact, innovative entrepreneurial startups continue to raise venture capital, while also making noise in the market. Some of the firms boast innovative product ideas including robotic kitchens or 3D-printed clinical face shields used fighting COVID. Also a wastewater epidemiology startup helps track the spread of the virus

Tech companies supporting those in finance, insurance, and asset management are also poised for a bounce back. Note that many of these firms suffered little because of the pandemic when compared to other industry sectors. In fact, the asset management sector continues to need technology talent for some of the hottest job roles in IT.

A Sampling of Hot Tech Jobs in Boston’s Asset Management Market

Cybersecurity professionals remain in demand throughout the business world. The reasons for this include the growth of eCommerce and online personal finance management. Of course, hackers find companies in the space to be attractive targets.

A Boston asset management company is currently looking for an experienced Cyber Security Analyst. They want someone with experience in malware prevention and managing a corporate password vault. Possessing a certification in cybersecurity – like the CISSA – is a plus.

Of course, asset management companies now conduct much of their operations in the Cloud. Cost savings and providing flexibility to remote working employees are two main reasons for this approach. Businesses in this sector regularly look for talented Cloud architects.

Multiple Azure Architect positions are currently available with Boston asset management firms. Requirements for these roles include experience with Azure, Windows and Linux, AWS, virtualization, cybersecurity best practices, and more. An undergraduate degree is also required, along with a relevant technical certification.

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