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Despite COVID-19, the technology professional continued to grow in importance throughout 2020. Companies across multiple business sectors rely on IT talent to power their digital transformation to thrive in today’s economy.

Tech job roles like cybersecurity analysts, cloud engineers, and mobile developers remain in demand all over the business world.

With a goal of inspiring you to success, here are a few reasons why your tech career remains important. IT salaries continue to rise, as transformative new technologies emerge across the globe. Simply put, now is a great time to build a lucrative career in the technology world.

Technologist Salaries Still Headed Upwards in 2020

Ultimately, IT professionals enjoyed an overall increase in salaries in 2020, despite the Coronavirus pandemic. According to a recent survey of tech pros, salaries increased by 3.6 percent from 2019 to 2020. The current average IT salary now stands at $97,859 per year.

The Modern Business Needs IT Talent to Succeed in a Competitive Marketplace

The continued rise in salaries alone illustrates how the tech industry remains largely immune to economic downturns. Even with tightening budgets, companies still need talented technology professionals to help them succeed in the 21st Century. Reasons for the high demand for experienced IT talent abound, including:

  • Migrating on-premises technical infrastructures to the cloud.
  • Protecting data and web servers from cybercriminals.
  • Building mobile and web eCommerce apps to attract new customers.
  • Gleaning actionable business information from masses of Big Data.

Simply put, technologists reside at the heart of the current digital transformation. In fact, the demand for certain IT job roles continues to increase. Relatively recent occupations, like the data scientist, also see high demand and lucrative salaries as a result.

The Fastest Growing IT Positions

The same tech survey noted earlier also highlighted the fastest growing IT job roles. For example, cybersecurity analysts show a projected 10-year increase in the number of positions of 28.5 percent. In 2020, the average salary for this position increased by 16.3 percent.

Additionally, technical support engineer positions are slated to increase by 11.3 percent over the next decade. Even the venerable business analyst role projects to increase by 9.1 percent in that same period. Salaries for that role increased by 5.3 percent in 2020, and now approach the six-figure territory.

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