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As the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic wane, it’s the perfect time to look for a great IT job. The technology world remains poised to grow like gangbusters in 2021 and beyond.

Businesses in multiple industry sectors rely on tech talent to transform their operations and thrive in the digital economy.

With an eye towards building a rewarding technology career, check out these top tech jobs in the current market. We also cover their qualifications. Landing one of these positions takes planning, a focused effort, and persistence. Use this information to inspire yourself to success!

AI and Machine Learning Engineers are in Demand

Artificial intelligence continues to make an impact throughout the business world. As such, the demand for software engineers experienced in AI and machine learning remains high. Not surprisingly, the average annual salary for these professionals almost reaches $150,000.

A Bachelors degree in computer science or related discipline is a minimum requirement. However, many companies prefer candidates with a Masters degree. Python skills are another must have, along with experience working with machine learning models.

Companies Need Data Scientists

All the data generated by social media and eCommerce requires deep analysis to glean actionable insights. Businesses increasingly rely on data scientists for this purpose. The average salary for this IT role is slightly over $100,000 per year.

Companies want candidates for this role to possess an advanced technical degree. Some programming skill is a must. Again, Python exposure helps your chances at an offer. Strong database understanding and SQL programming chops remain important. Deep business knowledge is also relevant.

Information Security Analysts Protect Corporate Data

While the earlier two IT jobs work closely with data, the information security analyst protects it from hackers. After all, eCommerce companies make an attractive target for cyber criminals. Thus, it’s not surprising that the demand for InfoSec analysts ranks near the top in the technology world.

Tech professionals in this position expect a salary right around $100,000 per year. While a Bachelors degree in a technical discipline is preferred, companies also consider experienced cybersecurity professionals with a certification. Speaking of which, the CISSA certification definitely helps engender interest from companies. Acquiring one also makes sense for tech pros wanting to transition into SecOps.

Looking For A Job?

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