Finding Top Tech Talent 2021
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Successfully sourcing talented technology professionals in 2021 requires a smart approach. After all, the continuing effects of COVID-19 demand your company craft new strategies for hiring the best IT talent.

Whether or not your organization permanently switched to a remote working employment model also influences your staffing efforts.

So let’s look more closely at some of the new trends affecting the recruiting world this year. Understanding the changes within the industry remains critical when trying to employ talented tech pros. As such, use this information to maintain a healthy candidate pool whenever you need to make a new hire.

Companies Increasingly Leverage Training to Close a Skills Gap

According a recent LinkedIn study of recruiting professionals, half of those surveyed expect their staffing budgets to decrease. However, two-thirds report an increase in budgets for training and internal development programs. These responses reveal that companies want to develop their own talent as opposed to hiring from the outside. This approach helps with certain in-demand tech skills, like cybersecurity and machine learning.

Diversity Grows in Importance

Nearly 77 percent of recruiters surveyed by LinkedIn feel diversity to be very important to their practice. As companies try to build welcoming office cultures able to attract talented professionals, a diverse approach becomes vital. In fact, it also serves to widen the talent pools for organizations championing this policy.

Remote working also increases the number of available candidates from different backgrounds. Ultimately, companies that want to succeed in the future must pay attention to this trend.

Virtual Recruiting is Now the New Normal

The Coronavirus Pandemic also served to transform the staffing process into one that’s more virtual. In a similar manner as remote working, don’t expect this trend to go away in the near future. Companies need to boost their tech for conducting virtual interviews, including a quality video camera and microphone. Remember, you are trying to impress technical candidates, so a bare bones approach won’t suffice.

A Potentially Global Talent Pool Transforms Recruiting

Once again, remote working becoming commonplace is a gamechanger for finding talent. Companies now enjoy essentially a global pool of candidates for their open positions. As noted earlier, it makes employing a diverse team an easier process. Additionally, you now boast more options for finding hard to source tech skills.

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