Tech Professionals handle challenges 2021
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The Coronavirus pandemic disrupted and ultimately transformed the IT world in 2020. Locked out of their offices, tech professionals faced a myriad of challenges to keep their careers headed upwards. Some even lost their jobs and struggled to find new gigs due to COVID-19.

Still, other IT pros thrived in this changed environment. With remote working now commonplace, some managed to stay engaged and even increase their productivity from their home office. With an eye towards improving your tech career, let’s look closely at how to handle a disruption like 2020.

Transitioning to a Remote Working Environment

While some technology pros lost their jobs due to the pandemic, a vast majority kept their employment throughout. After all, the tech industry is traditionally immune to most economic downturns. Still, companies required their employees to work from home during the period. The fact productivity levels stayed high caused many pundits to wonder if remote working is now the new normal.

Successfully working from home requires some investment in a home office and related technology. This includes a powerful desktop or laptop with a webcam and a good microphone. Of course, high-speed Internet service is a must; preferably one with speeds exceeding 100 Mbps. Make sure your home office is in a room with door to prevent disruptions from hampering your productivity.

However, note that some companies do provide their employees with computer equipment if necessary. They also make it a point to install cybersecurity software to protect their cloud data and software services from hackers.

Learning New Skills and Earning New Certifications

If you lost your job due to the pandemic, consider learning some of the hottest tech skills on the market. After all, a recent study noted data scientists, cybersecurity analysts, and cloud engineers enjoyed significant salary increases in 2020. So make it a point to get the right training to make yourself marketable in the post-pandemic environment.

Earning a certification or two related to your chosen career path is a smart idea. Cybersecurity professionals remain in demand throughout the industry. A Certified Ethical Hacker or a Certified Information Systems Security Auditor certification leads to a rewarding career in SecOps.

Other relevant certifications exist in other tech career paths. Perform your research, take some training, get certified, and grow your IT career!

Looking for the Next Step in Your Career?

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