Employers tackle Challenges of 2020
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With a new year now in full force, analyzing the extremely difficult year of 2020 now becomes possible. Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic and its disruption to the world economy obviously played a massive role. The tech industry stayed nimble; switching to a work from home employment model that largely maintained productivity levels.

If your company hopes to thrive in 2021, it helps to understand the lessons learned in the previous year. So let’s take a closer look at how some organizations sufficiently handled the challenges of last year. Leverage these insights to position your business for growth in the current year and beyond.

The Transition to Working From Home

As noted earlier, COVID-19 required nearly all businesses to close their offices; forcing their employees to work from home. It’s a multifaceted challenge that required a deft approach to business operations. Keeping remote employees inspired in this environment placed the onus on managers to take steps to boost worker engagement.

Additionally, regular communication became essential. Companies conducted employee-wide and smaller meetings using videoconferencing software like Zoom. Also, chatbots and other technologies helped teams stay connected and productive when working from their home offices.

Protecting the Home Offices of Remote Workers

Speaking of home offices, ITOps teams worked hard ensuring remote workers enjoyed access to cloud-based corporate data and software. However, this new operational model raised the specter of another critical challenge to these businesses. Namely, hackers and cybercriminals now had many more targets for their nefarious activities.

Simply put, companies needed to up their game when it came to their cybersecurity footprint. Employing talented SecOps professionals while giving current employees proper training in this area became vital. Overall, this growing need for information security talent played a big role in the strong demand for these professionals.

Successfully Hiring In-Demand Tech Professionals

Even with a raging pandemic in force, the demand for some technology professionals remained high throughout 2020. In short, the modern business needs data scientists, software engineers with AI experience, and cybersecurity analysts. A recent study noted the latter role had 2020’s fastest growing salaries in the IT world. This increase isn’t surprising considering the growing need for SecOps talented noted above.

Needless to say, companies struggled to successfully source and hire these in-demand roles. Offering higher salaries, great benefits, and flexible schedules ultimately helped in making that hire.

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