Tech Certifications 2021
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No matter a candidate’s technical specialty, they might possess one or more technology certifications. After all, training plays a key role in fostering a successful IT career that lasts until their retirement day. Earning a certification after being trained provides a measure of proof that they understand the material in question.

Still, some tech pundits question the overall value of technical certifications for today’s IT workforce. However, they do remain a great addition to any résumé after learning a new technology. Let’s take a closer look at this issue to see if your company needs to target candidates with certifications.

Interesting Insights From a Recent Survey on Tech Certifications

A recent survey of IT professionals provided intriguing insights on the role of technology certifications in today’s job market. Most notably, only 45 percent of those surveyed actually possess a current tech certification. That number is slightly less compared to the same survey taken during the previous year.

So why does the modern tech pro earn fewer technology certifications? Over half of those surveyed say certs aren’t needed in their current position. Other responses noted the lack of employer training or reimbursement for IT certifications. Some mentioned they had no time for training and the subsequent test. That letter response carries some weight considering the extra hours worked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are The Most Popular Technology Certifications?

According to the same survey, three certifications from CompTIA ranked among the most popular in the modern technology industry. The CompTIA A+ focuses on skills for technical support and IT operations. Not surprisingly considering the demand for cybersecurity professionals, the CompTIA Security+ also ranks near the top of the survey. Finally, the CompTIA Network+ appeared in the top 5 of the survey results.

Other popular certifications included the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP); relevant for tech pros working with Redmond’s tech stack. The venerable Project Management Professional (PMP) also remains popular. In fact, the PMP is effectively a requirement for any technical project manager. The Certified ScrumMaster also matters for managers working on Agile and/or Scrum projects.

Like the MCP, other certifications related to vendor-specific technical solutions also remain popular. These include the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Ultimately, even when not required, tech professionals still gain some benefit from earning a certification.

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