Diverse IT Talent Pipeline
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The growth of diversity throughout the technology world continues in an unabated fashion. Still, additional work needs to happen. After all, companies benefit from the variety of perspectives offered by employing a diverse workforce.

It also plays a key role in fostering the welcoming office culture required to attract the top IT professionals. With an eye towards employing a great, diverse workforce, use these insights to improve the diversity of your talent pipeline. Following this approach benefits your organization in a myriad of ways, from improved productivity to a higher retention rate. It also positions your company for growth over the next few years and beyond.

Women and Other Diverse Groups Still Underrepresented in the IT World

Despite many initiatives aimed at improving diversity in the tech world, much work unfortunately remains. This is one of the main takeaways from a recent survey of CIOs across this globe. The survey also noted that women and other diverse groups remain underrepresented in the technology workforce.

Notably, the survey also highlighted the fact that 44 percent of the respondents currently lack a diversity hiring program. While 36 percent do focus on diverse hiring, the companies implementing employee training and retention programs number significantly less. At businesses with diversity hiring and support programs, women make up only 32 percent of their tech workforce.

This data ultimately illustrates diversity in IT remains an afterthought at too many organizations. In short, a majority of companies lack programs focusing on hiring and supporting diverse technology professionals. However, women remain in the minority even at those organizations focusing on diversity.

How to Improve Diversity in the Tech Workforce

Keysight CIO Dan Krantz feels companies need to do a better job championing diverse hiring practices. “Qualified women technologists are out there, but you have to be intentional about finding them,” said Krantz. At part of this approach, Keysight typically sends teams entirely made up of women recruiters to college job fairs.

Actually sending a few female tech professionals might make an even stronger impact. Seeing peers currently successful in the industry serves to inspire female college students to choose IT as a career.

Ultimately, companies must craft staffing plans specifically focused on diversity. Including tangible goals and tracking the company’s progress towards achieving them also matters. Follow that approach with providing the right training and support to ensure a high retention rate.

Looking for the Right Talent?

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