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Simply put, when you want a lucrative tech career, it helps to know the highest-paying IT skills in the industry. Of course, this information changes on a yearly basis, as new technology innovations come and go. It’s one of the main reasons to keep your finger on the pulse of a constantly evolving business sector.

So let’s take a closer look at the hottest tech skills in the current job market. Use this information to get the right training you need to boost your salary growth. It’s the smartest way to put yourself on a path to a successful IT career.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between High Pay and Strong Demand

While experience with a certain tech skill provides high pay, the demand for your services might be relatively limited. For example, a recent survey of tech professionals highlighted RabbitMQ as the highest-paying skill for 2020. The average annual salary for this skill is $136,151; a growth of 10.1 percent over the previous year.

If you aren’t familiar with it, RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker software. While the salary for this skill continues increasing, the number of jobs might be smaller compared to other skills. For example, experience in AI also ranks high, with a salary approaching $132,000 per year, and a growth of 7.2 percent. However, the demand for software engineers experienced in AI remains high across nearly all business sectors.

Other Tech Skills Providing High Salaries to IT Professionals

A tech skill closely related to AI, machine learning also provides lucrative opportunities for IT professionals. Data scientists craft machine learning models to help glean actionable insights from Big Data. Quantitative analysts in the financial world also use it to make more effective securities trades.

Natural language processing provides another example of a tech skill offering high earnings potential. Computer scientists and data scientists leverage this technology to help software better understand human speech patterns. It also plays a big role in making AI-powered customer service chatbots seem more human.

Finally, MapReduce is a programming model used to help process Big Data more efficiently. This is another skill used by data scientists among other technology professionals. It ranks right behind RabbitMQ, with an average annual salary of $135,516. In fact, data scientists experienced in machine learning, natural language processing, and MapReduce are worth their weight in gold!

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