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As the Coronavirus pandemic wanes, the economy continues to recover as people get back to work. However, the technology industry remained mostly immune to the recent economic downturn. In fact, many IT companies enjoyed a boost in productivity due to remote working.

If you plan on finding a new job in this confusing environment, staying engaged and positive helps your chances. In fact, more companies now consider remote candidates, creating a host of new opportunities for technology professionals. With job search success in mind, check out these tips for finding a position in a difficult economy.

Find a Company With The Culture You Want

Compatibility with company culture plays an important role in any IT professional’s job satisfaction. They also tend to stay with these organizations over the long haul. So when beginning your job search, start by researching the companies where you want to work. Once you find them, look for interesting positions matching your tech skills and professional experience.

Highlight Your Experience With The Hottest Tech Skills

No matter the economic situation, companies typically need technology talent with the hottest IT skills. If you boast these skills, such as cybersecurity, cloud administration, and data analytics, highlight this on your résumé. Also search for open positions requiring experience in these areas. Consider earning a certification if you lack the right amount of experience.

Freshen Your Résumé

Somewhat related to that last point, update your résumé with keywords focusing on those hot tech skills. Remember, most recruiters leverage online search to find qualified candidates. Peppering your résumé with the hottest keywords improves your SEO. It’s the best way to be found by interested companies.

Consider Working For a Government Agency

The public sector typically offers a robust selection of technology positions. While your pay may not be as high as a private sector job, government agencies customarily provide generous benefits. It’s an option worth considering in a recovering economy.

Becoming a Contractor is Another Valid Option

Technology consultants enjoy robust pay and a host of interesting contract opportunities. If this kind of professional life intrigues you, consider becoming a contractor. It’s an especially wise choice when you boast skills in a high-demand area, like cybersecurity. The added flexibility in accepting contracts also enhances the balance between your professional and personal lives.

Looking for a new IT Job? 

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