2021 Guide to Professionalism
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Whether you are new to your IT career or a grizzled veteran, following a professional approach is a must. After all, tech pros get judged for their professionalism as much as their technical chops. Remember, the modern IT world thrives on teamwork and collaboration. Simply look at the massive popularity of DevOps.

With an eye towards improving your career prospects, check out this guide to professionalism in the workplace. Leverage these insights to become indispensable to both your managers and coworkers. It’s the best way to ensure a long-lasting and lucrative career.

Follow Proper Etiquette When Communicating

When writing work-related emails, keeping a professional approach means following proper etiquette. So don’t use popular abbreviations from the text-messaging world, like BRB or LOL. Sure, these might be more appropriate when communicating over text messaging. However, simply making the effort to spell out every word gives a better impression.

Take a similar approach when communicating during a meeting. Speak clearly and confidently when prompted. Make sure to offer your own insights when you feel your opinion adds value. Try to speak up at least one or two times during every meeting. However, beware running your mouth too much, especially when unfamiliar with the topic.

Handle Conflict in a Professional Manner

When working in the tech industry, expect some occasional conflict. After all, smart and intelligent professionals sometimes disagree on priorities, design strategies, and more. Whenever conflict arises, make it a point to never take things personally. Following the Golden Rule in this case provides the right approach. Treat others the same way you want to be treated.

Always Remain Calm When Under Pressure

The technology world remains a pressure-packed environment. This is especially the case during crunch time on a difficult project. No matter the situation, it’s critical that you stay calm and level-headed. Taking the opposite approach leads to mistakes; ultimately risking the successful completion of the project.

Staying Positive is the Professional Approach

Keeping a positive attitude every day at work helps you immeasurably. For example, offer any criticism in a constructive manner, while providing insights on a solution to the issue. Remember, both positivity and negativity are contagious. Spreading goodwill in the office gets you noticed by managers. It’s also a great way to show your leadership potential.

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