Diversity in Tech 2021
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Technology companies increasingly realize the inherent value of employing a diverse workforce. Following this approach makes it easier to source and retain the modern tech candidates they need for success. Employees with different perspectives also provide unique insights helping to grow the inclusive culture for which many organizations strive.

Let’s take a high level overview at the important issue of inclusion in the technology industry. We also look at the remaining challenges throughout the industry. Use the insights within to help build a diverse team for your business. The modern tech world requires it.

The Quest for Diversity and Inclusion Enters a New Phase

Over the last few years, the technology industry’s desire for more diversity enjoyed a few successes. However, a long road continues for this process of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Code2040 CEO Karla Monterroso adds her own insights on the current status of DEI in the tech workplace.

“We’re past the window dressing stage and now it’s time to talk about accountability, consequences, promotions and retention. And what it means to prioritize things to make sure the industry is not inhospitable,” commented Monterroso.

While technology professionals recognize the power of organizing to promote DEI issues, the pace of change remains too slow. Notably, minority and women-owned startups ultimately receive too little venture capital. Additionally, the number of diverse professionals in the tech workforce still needs improving. In the end, this new phase is one where actions must speak louder than words.

Promoting Diversity at the Startup Level

Many of the top tech companies pay lip service to DEI, but their employment demographics reveal a different story. For example, nearly 70 percent of Google employees are male; with over 90 percent either White or Asian. Facebook’s data nearly matches Google’s when it comes to racial demographics.

Both organizations implemented DEI programs within the last decade, but change happens slowly at large enterprises. Because of this, smaller companies and startups need to take the lead when it comes to promoting diversity. Of course, this approach becomes easier when venture capital firms invest in minority-owned initiatives.

Additionally, implement hiring programs aimed at matching the demographics of the general population in the United States. Set tangible goals to achieve these metrics over time. Ultimately, a goal-focused approach works better than mere lip service.

Hiring to Fill The Need of a Growing IT Team?

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