Benefits IT Employees Want 2021
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When trying to hire the top technology talent, paying well definitely helps your company’s chances. In fact, the same concept also applies to retaining your current employees. However, many IT candidates want to work for an organization that provides a robust benefits package as well.

If your business needs to update its benefit offerings, understanding the ones preferred by today’s tech professionals helps. So let’s look more closely at the most popular employee benefits in the current market. After all, hiring and retaining the best talent in the field requires an understanding of this knowledge.

The Gap Between Benefits Employees Have and Those They Feel Are Important

A recent survey of technology professionals shines a light on the benefits provided by their employers. Interestingly, the survey focused on which benefits the current have compared to those they feel are important. These findings offer insights into the mindset of the modern tech employee concerning the perks of their job role.

Not surprisingly, health insurance ranks at the top of the survey. 84 percent of those surveyed current receive it through their employer, while 88 percent note its importance. This shows a gap of four percent. Of course, the survey being conducted during the COVID-19 likely influences this result.

Paid vacation and sick time, as well as dental insurance closely follow health insurance when it comes to importance. The gaps for vacation and sick days are 10 and 13 percent respectively. This result illustrates not all employees receive the PTO they desire. Enterprising companies need to keep this mind when crafting their own benefit packages.

Opportunities for Companies to Attract Technology Talent

Again, organizations hoping to hire great tech professionals need to pay attention to the benefits these pros want. The gap between desired perks and those being received offers a great opportunity for companies to upgrade their benefits. Notably, this survey revealed the areas of training and professional education where this gap is the highest.

According to the survey, 68 percent of the respondents want a robust training program. Notably, only 45 percent receive them; a gap of 23 percent, which is the highest in the survey. Tuition reimbursement also ranked high, with a gap of 12 percent. Other highly desired benefits not always provided include stock options, remote working, and flexible schedules.

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