Improve Time to Hire for Staffing 2021
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As the economy continues to improve, the demand for talented technology professionals remains high. This situation especially affects certain tech roles, like cybersecurity analysts, data scientists, and Cloud engineers. Ultimately, your company needs an efficient staffing process to be able to source and hire the IT talent it needs.

A key aspect for optimizing any staffing effort involves reducing your company’s time to hire. After all, expect to compete with other organizations for the preeminent candidates in the tech world. A drawn-out process runs the risk of missing out on the best. So here are some ideas for streamlining your company’s staffing process.

Why Do Companies Need To Start Hiring More Quickly?

Streamlining Your Company’s Hiring Process

Simply put, a shorter staffing process gives your company the best shot at hiring your top candidates. Notably, a recent survey of tech candidates revealed 57 percent lose interest in opportunities with long hiring processes. Don’t let this happen to your top candidates!

One method for optimizing your hiring efforts simply involves conducting fewer interviews. Multiple rounds of interviews take too much time. Don’t be surprised if your perfect hire is no longer available when you get around to making an offer.

Also consider automating some of the manual steps involved in your staffing process. For example, when a candidate expresses interest in a position, use an automated service for an initial response. Automation also benefits résumé analysis and even scheduling interviews. In addition to making candidates happier, your HR staff benefits from being able to focus on more important tasks.

Maintain a Robust Candidate Pool

Building a candidate pool focused on the job roles for which your company typically hires optimizes your staffing. Start this approach by identifying top professionals in these roles – including passive candidates – and simply connect with them. Also consider adding top candidates who applied for earlier opportunities with your firm and didn’t receive an offer. Periodically send an email or text message to your pool providing updates on your company.

When a position becomes available matching their skill set, reach out to your pool before the general public. This approach ultimately helps streamline a long staffing process.

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

In the end, a partnership with a top technical staffing agency helps your company maintain a healthy talent pool. Agencies understanding your organizational tech stack provide vetted candidates able to quickly make a positive impact for you. It’s the best way to keep your IT projects on track.

When searching for an IT staffing agency partner, look no further than The CERES Group. As one of the top technical employment firms in Boston, we provide the top candidates your company needs. Schedule some time with us at your earliest convenience.

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