Software Developer Challenges
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Since the technology world constantly evolves, software developers typically face a myriad of challenges forging a successful career. In fact, it seems like the pace of these industry changes only increases over time. However, new tech innovations like machine learning and digital science provide significant opportunities for those with the right skills.

With a goal of keeping your software engineering career headed upwards, here are some challenges you might face. After all, professional success in technology requires a consistent effort, including regularly learning new skills. Because of this fact, the education only ends on your day of retirement.

Low-Code Continues to Make Inroads in Business

Tech industry analyst, Forrester predicts the low-code movement to become more widely adopted in the business world. Low-code allows companies to build and deploy applications faster than ever before. If you are worried about losing your development role due to this trend, don’t fret. Any software engineer with strong business acumen remains a valuable resource to organizations adopting low-code.

Remote Working Becomes Commonplace Across the Globe

While the Coronavirus ushered in the era of working remotely, many software engineers already enjoyed telecommuting positions. Additionally, the fact most companies maintained their productivity levels after instituting remote working policies bodes well for the future. Expect a significant number of job opportunities to allow remote working on a permanent basis moving forward.

In this scenario, digital collaboration becomes critical. Familiarize yourself with the digital tools used for collaborative work and communication. These are likely to become commonplace for software developers over the next few years.

Mastering New Technology Innovations Becomes Critical

With remote working commonplace, Cloud-based software development technologies are becoming the norm. In addition to the collaborative tools mentioned above, software engineering teams now leverage virtualization, containers, and new methodologies. Make it a point to master these new tools and skills; keeping your career path on track.

The Software Development Process Embraces AI

As more companies leverage automation as part of their software development process, expect the increased use of AI. For example, Forrester predicts teams to use machine learning models optimize testing and other build functionality. Once again, don’t worry about losing your job due to these advancements. Instead, use these AI tools to augment your job duties; letting you focus on solving critical business problems.

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