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Cloud computing remains one of the most transformative technology innovations of the last 10 to 15 years. Companies of any size greatly benefit by migrating some or all of their technical infrastructures to the Cloud. They save money as well as becoming more productive and profitable by embracing this still emerging opportunity.

Yes, the Cloud is an expanding high-tech sector where new opportunities for growth and innovation abound. In fact, any IT professional or organization must stay aware of these changes to help forge their own path. So let’s take a closer look at why Cloud technology continues to accelerate.

The Cloud Makes Remote Working Possible

The Coronavirus pandemic forced most tech companies to adopt a remote working model for their employees. With offices now closed, many organizations predicted a lowering of their overall productivity levels. In fact, a number of companies noticed the opposite effect, with employees more productive when not having to commute.

The Cloud ultimately played a massive role in this diaspora. Employees largely stayed connected to corporate applications and data using a variety of Cloud-based services. They leveraged Zoom for videoconferencing and other collaborative tools for communication like messaging and email. Simply stated, remote working wouldn’t be possible without the Cloud.

Will Cloud Computing Power the “New Normal?”

Many tech pundits expect remote working to become a permanent part of the technology employee landscape. The increased productivity definitely opened the eyes of former skeptics throughout the industry. Expect Cloud computing to lie at the heart of the transformation of the traditional office-based employment model.

Predictions from the tech analyst group Forrester reveal the anticipated growth of the Cloud market. They predict the global public infrastructure market to grow to $120 billion by the end of the year. That 35 percent annual growth rate definitely raises a few eyebrows. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba rank at the top of the public cloud provider list.

Forrester also predicts an increase in usage of Cloud-based software development technologies, like containers and Cloud development platforms. Additionally, they forecast the continued migration of disaster recovery services to the Cloud as opposed to on-premises models. Ultimately, don’t expect the Cloud trend to fade any time soon. The technology world increasingly depends on it!

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