IT Industry Changes 2021
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As the economy continues to rebound in the wake of COVID-19, the tech industry evolved in multiple ways. For example, having to close offices forced many IT professionals into working from home. Surprisingly, companies discovered these tech pros actually improved their productivity levels in many cases.

Other interesting changes also occurred in an IT world known for constant innovation and opportunity. The technology professionals and employers able to adapt found their prospects to be that much brighter afterwards. So let’s take a closer look at some of the major impacts of the pandemic upon the tech industry.

Leveraging IT as a Prime Driver of Business Solutions

The Cloud and other recent technology innovations helped businesses successfully navigate the storm of COVID-19. Companies of all sizes leveraged the Cloud to allow employees to work remotely; ultimately maintaining their productivity levels. Subsequently, organizations slow to embrace Cloud-based services remain at a significant competitive disadvantage in the current business world.

In short, the pandemic helped IT become a prime driver of business solutions. Ultimately, those early adopters handled the massive changes caused by the pandemic with minimal issues. In fact, companies already embracing telecommuting policies for their workforce stayed one step ahead of the pack.

Jason Goth, CTO at the technology firm Credera, commented on this topic. “Businesses that were able to make the changes quickly and effectively were not only able to survive, but thrive,” said Goth.

Technology Innovations Driving the Modern Sales Process

The pandemic also allowed technology organizations to innovate when it comes to financials. Contactless sales are now commonplace in the wake of COVID-19. In fact, a recent study noted that the use of contactless payments rose 150 percent in 2020. Additionally, eCommerce continued to expand, as more customers prefer to shop from home as opposed to retail stores.  

The Advent of the Post-Pandemic IT Workforce

Ultimately, COVID-19 ushered in a new technology workforce poised to dominate the industry over the next decade and beyond. Tech managers leading remote teams want to employ professionals known for being self-starters. The days of moving from cubicle to cubicle checking the work of your direct reports appear to be over.

Trust and agility are the new buzzwords in this evolved technology world. Expect intriguing opportunities to abound for the open-minded IT professional and organization.

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