Finding the Right IT Talent 2021
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As the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, companies still struggle to source the technology professionals they need. This is especially the case with certain high-demand job roles, like cybersecurity engineers or data scientists.

Organizations also find it difficult to hire for other, more “venerable” tech positions, like Java programmers.

Another reason for this market tightness relates to IT professionals now specializing in those high-paying, high-demand job roles. Being a technology generalist simply offers smaller salary options to an IT pro. Nevertheless, it remains critical for companies to hone their tech staffing efforts lest they suffer from a skills gap. Let’s take a closer look at this issue affecting the post-Coronavirus technology job market, focusing on Java developers.

How Can You Find the Right IT Talent in a Market That Favors Job Seekers?

The Demand for Java Programmers Remains Steady

Since Java continues to maintain its popularity as a corporate programming language, the demand for experienced programmers remains strong. Of course, there isn’t the massive growth of newer IT skills, like machine learning or cybersecurity. Still, the language gets used when maintaining legacy corporate systems or even Android-based mobile development.

According to a recent technology salary survey, Java programmers enjoy an average annual salary of $114,347. Again, this salary growth shows little increase compared to the previous year, but it remains high. When combined with the steady demand for Java talent, it’s not surprising many programmers still specialize in the language.

For companies looking for Java experience, but want to hire someone with flexible skills, Java abilities remain transferable. For example, Java programmers also make great mobile and web developers, especially when open to using new frameworks. Ultimately, finding a programming generalist with significant experience in Java provides the best of both worlds.

Partnering With an Experienced Tech Staffing Helps You Source Talent

Still, in a competitive tech job market, sourcing and hiring the talent you need requires a focused effort. This is especially the case when hoping to hire a specialist in a certain skill, like Java programming. However, finding a programming generalist is slightly easier and these tech pros typically earn less than a specialist.

The advent of remote working widens the potential candidate pool for those companies following the new employment model. This situation makes it easier to find those in-demand IT specialists. However, a partnership with an experienced IT staffing agency gives you the best shot at hiring specialists and generalists.

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