Tech skills and salaries 2021
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When crafting your company’s IT staffing plan, it helps to understand what tech skills translate into the highest salaries.

After all, if you need in-demand technology talent, expect to offer an extremely generous compensation and benefits package. This is especially the case with specific technical skills, like AI, data analytics, and blockchain.

With a goal of helping your organization hire great candidates, here’s a list of what skills pay the most. Leverage this information to better inform the company’s technology staffing efforts this year and beyond. In a competitive job market for tech talent, this extra knowledge remains extremely valuable.

Big Data Skills Still Command High Compensation Levels

Companies still struggle to glean actionable information out of the masses of data they maintain. Because of this continued effort, tech professionals with skills in Big Data-related technologies remain in demand. Not surprisingly, organizations pay a premium for employees with significant experience using these skills.

Of course, a wide variety of skills exist for storing and analyzing Big Data. For example, MapReduce is a programming model used in this arena. The average annual salary for tech pros skilled in this area grew by over two percent, to $135,516. The NoSQL database Cassandra is used for Big Data repositories with its support for highly-scalable distributed architectures. IT pros with Cassandra experience command an average salary over $130,000 per year.

The Demand For Tech Pros Experienced in AI and Machine Learning Expands

Artificial intelligence and its offshoot, machine learning, continue to transform multiple business sectors. Because of this positive disruption, demand for IT professionals experienced in these areas continues to expand. In fact, some of the salary growth related to Big Data also applies in this case. Companies regularly leverage machine learning as part of their data analytics initiatives.

Technology professionals with experience in general AI skills boasted a salary increase of 7.2 percent, at $131,907. Machine learning itself saw an increase of 3.1 percent, to $125,197. In addition to Big Data, both technologies are seeing use in intelligent customer service chatbots and in cybersecurity analysis.

Blockchain Skills Growing in Demand

Blockchain is another area seeing wide growth, especially in the financial arena. Salaries for tech pros experienced in blockchain grew by 5.2 percent, to $122,111. Boston area organizations in banking and finance need to keep this growth in mind when sourcing blockchain talent.

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