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As Technology professionals working in the financial sector enjoy a myriad of intriguing and lucrative job opportunities. This bounty specifically includes the asset management space, as the FinTech transformation reengineers many traditional processes.

For example, the demand for software engineers with experience in machine learning remains high. With an eye towards improving your tech career prospects, let’s look at some great IT positions in asset management. Use this information to get the right training and experience to qualify for an interview and eventually a job offer. It’s the right strategy for keeping your career on an upwards path to success!

QA Manager For a Wealth/Asset Management Firm

As asset management companies continue to embrace a variety of FinTech innovations, a strong QA process becomes essential. The QA Manager role for an asset management firm is worthy of exploration to any experienced testing professional. Let’s take a quick high-level overview of the typical job requirements.

Expect any open QA manager position in the financial space to require significant business domain knowledge and experience. For example, one position requires experience with the securities creation lifecycle from the front office to the back office. The same position also demands programming or QA experience in transitioning applications from mainframes to more modern computing platforms.

The typical salary for this role averages well into the lower six-figure range. Obviously, expect more lucrative salaries if the job is located in a higher cost of living area, like Boston.

Asset Management Process Designer

Here is another technology role in the asset management space, requiring professionals with both strong technical and business knowledge. This specific position entails creating a variety of business processes for managing credit and real estate assets. They specifically ask for experience with the process design tool, Signavio.

Sitecore Developer With Asset Management and Financial Industry Experience

The Sitecore platform focuses on application suites for web content management and marketing process automation. An open position for a Sitecore Developer with experience in finance offers an intriguing opportunity for IT professionals. Let’s look at the specific requirements.

Once again, a strong mix of technical and business skills is a must. The company wants at least five years of Sitecore experience, along with C# and ASP.NET MVC. SQL Server, IIS, and jQuery are other technical requirements. Of course, experience in the financial experience is a must, along with specific work developing asset management processes.

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