The Right IT Hire 2021
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When building an efficient and productive tech team, filling your company’s open positions with the right candidates becomes essential. In fact, a great fit matters even more than a candidate’s technical skills and experience.

In a technology world where teamwork and collaboration grow in importance, making the right hire requires a thoughtful approach. With an eye towards a correct decision between candidates, here is a list of the qualities hiring managers want. Use these insights to better inform your company’s next staffing process. Ultimately, your organization’s effort in building a collaborative IT team starts right here!

How Do You Form the Right Business Teams?

An Affinity For Teamwork And Collaboration

The days of the “lone cowboy” IT professional fixing difficult problems by his lonesome are long over. The modern technology scene now relies on teamwork and collaboration. This approach remains one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of collaborative methodologies like Agile and DevOps. Because of this new culture, companies want tech pros who thrive as a team player.

Strong Business Acumen

Of course, great technology skills still play a strong factor when determining the right candidate to hire. However, strong business acumen also greatly matters if your company wants the best fit for its team. Try to find a tech candidate with significant experience working in the same business sector as your organization. This approach ensures your IT team boasts a good mix of business and technical skills.

A Full Understanding of The Power of The Cloud

The Cloud remains one of the most important business technology innovations of the current century. Companies gain a host of advantages from migrating some or all of their IT infrastructures to Cloud-based providers. In fact, the fast transformation to a remote working model becomes nearly impossible without it. As such, when hiring technology professionals, be sure to look for significant experience designing and/or working in Cloud environments.

UX Design Skills

If your company produces mobile apps or websites, an engaging user interface becomes critical. Hiring a technology professional with significant UX design skills helps your team craft compelling work able to attract users. Look for specific experience designing apps for the smaller screen real estate of a smartphone. It then becomes easier for them to upsize user interfaces for the desktop.

Searching For IT Talent?

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