Top Soft Skills for 2022
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Not surprisingly, companies want to hire IT professionals possessing exemplary technical capabilities and experience. But increasingly they desire well-rounded candidates who also boast abilities in a wide range of soft skills.

In fact, being well-versed in these soft skills helps differentiate you from other applicants during your job search. With a goal of earning an offer for a lucrative technology position, check out the soft skills highest in-demand. Use this information to emphasize your abilities in these areas on your résumé and during an interview. Expect the chances of being in the IT job of your dreams to increase as a result.

An Affinity For Collaboration and Teamwork

Teamwork continues to grow in importance at nearly all modern technology employers. It becomes critical as companies strive to gain new efficiencies, subsequently boosting their productivity levels. The continued popularity of Agile and DevOps also highlights the importance of collaboration and teamwork as soft skills. Be sure to draw attention to your affinity in this area on your résumé. Go into more detail when given the chance during an interview.

Strong Verbal And Written Communication Skills

Somewhat related to fostering teamwork, communication skills remain essential for technology professionals. The ability to explain complex concepts to clients and business stakeholders ensures projects go smoothly. It also helps when interacting with coworkers. As noted earlier, technology teams increasingly use iterative methodologies like Agile and DevOps where team interaction is essential.

Written communication skills are also critical. Software engineers regularly craft software specifications and other documentation. Being able to write about technical topics clearly also benefits interactions using email and chat. Simply stated, companies want technology professionals who communicate effectively with confidence.

Leadership Ability is Also Important For Technology Professionals

Companies value tech employees possessing the ability to take charge and show leadership ability when necessary. Doing so without stepping on anyone else’s toes helps keep team morale at its highest. Mentoring younger coworkers remains another important trait of leaders that also possess management potential.

Speaking of managerial acumen, organizations want to promote from within. As such, they pay attention to anyone on their technical teams displaying the potential to move into management. Keep this in mind when you want to take your IT career to a higher level. Perhaps the corner office lies in your future?

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