Technical Solutions for Business Function 2022
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Recent advancements in technology helped engender the digital transformation optimizing business operations across the globe. However, it’s important companies let business considerations drive the pace of technology change instead of the other way around. Implementing an IT solution without a true operational need runs the risk of wasting critical corporate resources. Let’s look more closely at why it’s vital to align your organization’s technical solutions with its business functionality. Keeping things in sync ensures operational efficiency without spending on the wrong capital expenditures. Ultimately, employing an experienced director of business applications helps your organizational approach.

Technology Leadership Plays a Critical Role in Architecting the Right IT Solutions

In most larger businesses, the CIO or CTO resides at the top of the technology leadership pyramid. However, someone working in a Director of Business Applications role must ensure alignment between IT solutions and business operations. Note that this position is sometimes called a Director of Enterprise Applications. The size of the business typically dictates the job title.

These senior technology professionals provide the technology vision and common sense to choose the right solutions for their organization. While the latest tech innovations generally inspire their interest, they understand not everything makes the right fit. Their ability to see the big picture helps them prioritize IT initiatives. Deciding on the solutions providing the biggest bang for the buck remains the best option for success.

Remember, existing legacy systems likely still need regular maintenance. When these systems still support existing business functions in an efficient manner, building replacements makes little sense. Only consider a new technology that greatly improves operational efficiency. For example, look how AI and machine learning revolutionized processes from customer service to securities trading.

What to Look For When Sourcing a Director of Business Applications

If your company needs to hire a Director of Business Applications, understanding the requirements for this position is important. The same rule applies when you are a tech professional hoping to move into this role. Organizations typically want someone combining a bachelor’s degree in a technology discipline with 15+ years of experience in IT leadership. Experience with the Cloud, DevOps and Agile, as well as modern technologies is also desirable. Obviously, the top candidates also boast relevant business domain knowledge.

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