Onboarding New Hires increases retention
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In the post-pandemic era, the market for talented IT professionals remains difficult to navigate for companies looking to hire. Increasingly, tech pros want to work for organizations that value professional development and continuous learning.

In fact, the presence of programs aimed at quickly onboarding and training new hires differentiates the top employers.

Companies want to make a successful tech hire and ultimately retain that employee’s loyalty over the long haul. With that goal in mind, here are some tips for improving your organization’s onboarding and training processes. Leverage these ideas to forge a culture focused on professional development and learning.

Tech Professionals Value Professional Development More Than High Salaries

A study from Deloitte noted 87 percent of surveyed professionals tended to stay with organizations where they felt engaged. This fact highlights the recent growth in formal Learning and Development programs throughout the business world. When considering the difficulty in retaining talented tech pros in the current market, an investment in L&D remains wise.

This trend holds little surprise especially when considering the rapid pace of change within the technology world. Simply stated, IT professionals want to ensure their skill set stays up to date. If their current employer provides no meaningful training program, they end up looking for another employer that prioritizes development.

An Effective Onboarding Process Makes a Difference

Any company needs an effective onboarding process that engages new hires as quickly as possible. When developing this program, consider the fact that new employees might be working remotely. So provide them with a well-considered online platform for filling out HR forms and other onboarding functions. Also ensure their manager plays a key role in making them truly feel a part of the team.

Provide a Robust Training Program For Employees

If your company foregoes investing in the training of its employees, expect your competition to make up the difference. Need proof? Simply look at the increase in the user base of the online training portal, Coursera. The company had 43 million users in the summer of 2019. Today, they boast over 73 million, almost doubling their number of users.

Needless to say, this growth reveals the strong demand for quality professional development in the IT world. Ultimately, your company risks being left behind without a meaningful investment in onboarding and training its employees.

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