Staffing IT Talent 2022
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In a competitive technology job market, a proactive approach gives your company the best chance at a successful hire. Top IT candidates typically remain available for only a few weeks, so your organization needs a streamlined staffing process.

Don’t be surprised if too many rounds of interviews leads to your dream hire accepting an offer somewhere else. Let’s look more closely at a few ways to make your staffing process faster and subsequently more productive. An efficient approach to hiring ensures your company is able to fill needs as quickly as possible. Leverage this advice to never suffer from a skills gap at the most inopportune time!

Companies Need to Act Quickly to Hire The Best Talent

Recent research highlights the fact that candidates appreciate companies that find professionals they want, and quickly make an offer. Most importantly, this study notes that 50 percent of candidates accept the first job offer they receive. So ask yourself this important question. Do we really benefit from three rounds of interviews when trying to fill an open IT position?

Strategies For Making Your Staffing Process Faster And More Effective

In addition to shortening the interview portion of the staffing process, other ideas exist for making things more efficient. For instance, make sure your company leverages HR applications that help you parse through candidates in an automated fashion. AI-powered applicant tracking systems and recruiting chatbots are two of the biggest trends in HR. Expect your competition to take advantage of these technology advancements to streamline their staffing process.

Once the number of candidates gets paired down, let the humans decide on the best options. Only call in a small number of these for an interview. Simply taking this one step greatly reduces the time spent during your hiring process. It plays a critical role in successfully filling your staffing needs at a high velocity. Happier candidates also increase the chances of having job offers accepted.

A Partnership With a Technology Staffing Agency Also Makes Perfect Sense

Also consider partnering with an IT employment agency for your staffing needs. The best agencies previously vet all candidates, so you typically need only one or two interviews to decide. Consider hiring someone on a contract basis to quickly fill a pressing need. You are then able to see how they fit with your current team.

When searching for an experienced staffing partner, look no further than The CERES Group. As one of Boston’s top technical staffing agencies, we provide exceptional candidates to make a difference for you. Schedule some time with us to discuss your specific needs.

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