Career goals and your professional path 2022
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Over time, you built a successful career as a technology professional, with increased responsibility and pay. However, you keep wondering if this remains the right career path for your ultimate dreams.

What if your true career potential lies somewhere different, perhaps in another technical role or even outside of IT?

Regular self-analysis plays a critical role in ensuring your career growth continues until the day of your retirement. Of course, the consistent changes in the technology world also influence your long-term professional goals. So let’s look more closely at how to determine a career path that fits your skills, experience, and dreams.

Regularly Set Short-Term and Long-Term Career Goals

Spending time in self-analysis helps you set some short-term and long-term goals for your career. For example, perhaps you want to work in machine learning? So take a few classes and earn a certification for that skill. If your current employer takes professional development seriously, they likely provide an opportunity for training courses in this area. Also consider leaving your tech employer if they lack a significant training program.

Long-term goals include earning an advanced degree or even moving into a different job role. Maybe you are a QA engineer that want to move into development? Again, taking a few courses in your desired new specialty puts you on a path to new opportunities. Earn a certification to add some breadth to your résumé.

Leverage The Advice of Your Manager or Mentor

Speak with your manager or mentor about your professional goals. The best managers provide useful insights and advice to help plan your career path. Definitely take advantage of any tuition reimbursement benefits offered by your employer. If they don’t offer this perk, understand that many other companies do.

In a competitive job market for IT talent, forward-looking businesses leverage professional development as a differentiator with their competition. Take advantage of this fact if you need to change jobs to grow your career prospects.

Check Your Progress Towards Your Goals Every Year

Throughout each year, make the time to track the progress towards achieving your professional goals. Are you on a path towards success? Also modify your goals as necessary. If interested in a role outside of IT, technology experience attracts companies in other sectors looking for talented candidates.

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