Stress Strategies 2022
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Like many other professions, a technology career tends to be stressful, especially during crunch time on an important project. Staying calm and clear-minded at times like these helps you perform more effectively on the job.

This sense of peace and well-being also translates from your professional to personal life, keeping you focused and engaged.

Ultimately, you need a goal of minimizing stress at the office and at home (especially when remote working). So check out this advice for developing a peaceful life professionally and personally. Leverage these insights to keep stress levels low no matter how harried your work duties become.

How To Develop a Peaceful Personal and Professional Life

Regular Breathing Exercises Help Keep Your Stress Levels Low

When you get a spare minute at work take some time for some deep breathing exercises. Only a few minutes each day slows your heart rate and keeps your stress levels low. Practicing the pranayama breathing techniques also improves your overall energy levels, helping you stay focused on the job.

Speak Calmly When Interaction With Coworkers

Resist the urge to raise your voice and speak quickly when talking with coworkers. Stay mindful of this fact when team members begin speaking loudly. Setting an example in this fashion lets everyone understand each other a little better. It also helps the entire team stay calm, especially during meetings. Talk with your manager about this technique to get them to also set a good example.

Maintain a Positive and Friendly Attitude at All Times

Simply keeping a friendly air and positive attitude helps stave off stressful situations. Make it a point to great each coworker, either in-person when at the office, or over chat when telecommuting. Encourage your other team members, especially when working on a difficult project. Be generous with advice and mentorship. This positive attitude also serves you well if interested in becoming a manager someday.

Visualize Your Favorite Spot When Stress Begins to Increase

When stress ever rears its ugly head during work, engage in your breathing exercises as noted earlier. At the same time, visualize in your mind a favorite “safe” place. It might be a vacation spot, somewhere in nature, or even in front of your fireplace. Keep this technique in your back pocket whenever the mood in the office becomes too stressful.

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