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Keeping your IT career trending upwards occasionally requires you to switch jobs or even change your tech role. After all, few technology professionals become successful by becoming stagnant in a dead-end position.

Consistently learning new skills ultimately improves your marketability, especially in a tech job market favoring candidates.

So let’s take a closer look at how to stay nimble and open to changes throughout your technology career. Sometimes making a lateral move positions yourself for rapid advancement with an organization known for professional development. Leverage these insights to forge a lucrative IT career that lasts until your retirement day.

Does  a Lateral Move Make Sense For Your IT Career?

Consider Making a Lateral Move to Build Your IT Career

Any time you feel stagnated in your current position, take stock of any available opportunities for change. At the same time, don’t overlook a lateral move if it puts you in a better spot for growth. Let’s look more closely at how a lateral move just might help your career.

Simply stated, a lateral move typically keeps you at the same seniority level and pay grade. These kinds of opportunities become available either internally with the same employer, or externally with a new organization. An internal lateral move makes sense when you like your current employer, but another job role intrigues you. Maybe you want to move into machine learning or data science?

Consider an external lateral move if your current employer remains a poor fit for your career dreams. Perhaps they offer few professional development opportunities? Maybe their project work mostly uses older and outdated technologies? Both are valid reasons for looking elsewhere for a chance to grow.

Lateral Career Moves Help Build Your Professional Network

Stagnation remains a critical risk for any career. Making a lateral career move, either external or internal, exposes you to new colleagues and different points of view. It also provides an opportunity to grow your professional network. Remember, a professional network serves as an important resource throughout your career. For example, you might gain insights on a difficult technical problem from a network colleague. Your network is also a useful source of potential job opportunities.

Before you make a decision on a lateral move, speak with your manager or a mentor from your network. Their insights offer a different perspective on both sides of the issue. In the end, you need to make the right choice for your career growth.

Looking For the Next Step in Your IT Career?

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