effective communication skills for 2022
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Keeping employees inspired and engaged remains a major duty for all levels of corporate leadership. Effective communication plays a crucial role in accomplishing this task, especially with remote working commonplace due to COVID-19. Both verbal and written communication skills also continue to be a differentiator identifying the most effective technology managers.

With a goal of driving better conversations in the workplace, check out these insights on improving leadership communication. Leverage these ideas to keep your tech employees productive, whether in the office or working from home. Making your business more successful ultimately depends on adopting this useful advice.

How Can Managers Communicate More Effectively?

Strong Communication Skills Also Include Active Listening

Remember, communication is a two-way street. Technology managers need to be active listeners, especially when trying to foster engagement with remote workers. Always be available to your direct reports whenever they have concerns or ideas for improving efficiency. These meaningful conversations remain a critical piece of effective management in this nascent era of remote working.

Transparency Becomes Even More Critical During Uncertain Times

Of course, your company’s leaders must maintain transparency when it comes to their interactions with their staff. In these uncertain times, positive morale becomes more difficult to foster among your employees. Once again, remote working adds a measure of complexity to this issue. So keeping a transparent communication policy helps engender trust across your organization. It ultimately plays a critical role with no one interacting together in an office.

Managers Need to be Empathic Communicators

Some managerial studies rank empathy as the most critical skill for leaders to possess. In fact, it directly relates to being a good listener and an effective communicator. Even more notably, another study found 96 percent of respondents wanted their employers to be empathic. Given the difficult IT job market for companies, retaining employees is paramount. Your leaders displaying strong and empathic communication skills ultimately helps your business’s retention rate.

Regularly Offer Timely Feedback

In a sense, feedback is another important form of business communication. Managers need to regularly provide constructive feedback throughout the year. Don’t wait until an annual review to offer constructive criticism or praise. It’s vital to keep a feedback loop in motion between managers and employees. Leaders must remain open to opinions from their direct reports, as it helps foster their engagement.

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