IT Salary 2022
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2022 is a great time to be a technology professional, as the demand for your services remains high. Companies especially need tech pros with experience in cybersecurity, mobile development, data science, and cloud architecture.

Considering this strong demand, expect to receive lucrative salary offers combined with a generous benefits package and other perks.

If you boast interest in looking for a new IT position, it helps to understand the current job market. So let’s look more closely at the latest tech job trends, include some critical salary insights. Leverage this information for a more fruitful job search, ultimately resulting in the tech position of your dreams.

Salaries are Increasing For a Variety of Technology Positions

A 2022 salary survey reveals that technology salaries across the board continued their upwards trend. For example, database administrators saw an average annual salary increase of 6.9 percent. The pay for this tech job role ranges from $82,750 to $124,500 per year. Front end developers also enjoyed a pay increase of 6 percent; now ranging from $76,250 to $107,750.

Cybersecurity remains critical for businesses considering the continued scourge of cyber criminals. Not surprisingly, information systems security managers earned a pay increase of 5.5 percent. Their average annual salary now ranges from $129,750 to $187,750. Needless to say, SecOps remains a lucrative field for interested technology professionals with the right experience and skills.

While this is only a sampling of a few tech job roles, similar increases are reported across the entire IT industry. Connect with your recruiter to check on current salaries for your technology job role.

The Great Resignation Affecting Tech Salary Growth

A major factor driving the growth of tech salaries remains the high demand for IT professionals. Companies also struggle retaining their technology talent in the wake of COVID-19 and the resultant growth in remote working. The Great Resignation ultimately caused companies to offer higher salaries, flexible scheduling, and remote work as benefits.

Obviously, location and the relevant cost of living also influences tech salaries. However, this effect began to wane because of the remote employment trends. Various studies mention tech professionals expect no lowering of their salary when working remotely. Notably, one study reported that 74 percent of the respondents would look for a new position in this situation.

Ultimately, the strong demand for tech professionals continues, helping salaries increase. Now is a great time to look for a new position to build a lucrative career.

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