Strategy for Becoming Agile
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In a competitive business world, companies need to stay nimble to enjoy any meaningful chance of success. After all, change remains constant throughout the modern economy, as a digital transformation improves businesses’ operational efficiency. Being able to leverage machine learning, mobile technology, and more continues to give early adopters a competitive advantage.

In short, does your organization have an actionable strategy for agility? Simply adopting one or two technology innovations might give your business an advantage for a year or two. However, staying nimble for the long haul remains the best prescription for any successful business over time.

How Agile is Your Company – Really?

The Nimble Tech Employer Enjoys Success

For one obvious example revealing how agile companies enjoy better chances of success, simply look at the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdowns became mandated, this forced companies to quickly adopt a remote working model.

Organizations already invested in cloud-based services and mobile technology seamlessly transitioned to a remote staff. They enjoyed no meaningful loss in productivity, and their tech employees are happier as well. Consider this scenario when striving to make your business more nimble.

Make Continuous Process Improvement Part of Your Company Culture

A variety of recent technology advancements offer the potential for companies to reengineer outdated business processes. In fact, leveraging the same continuous improvement approach software development shops use makes sense for the modern business. Note that these organizations also leverage methodologies like Agile and concepts like DevOps to effect change with high velocity.

Create a team made up of senior tech employees and business stakeholders to identify company processes needing improvement. Empower this team with the resources required to enact meaningful change. It’s an approach also highly compatible with any company trying to stay agile in a competitive business world.

A Data-Driven Approach Helps Nimble Organizations Thrive

Data remains the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. The ability to glean actionable information from a company’s datastores plays a key factor in fostering success. Thriving businesses typically leverage a data-driven approach that helps make them agile.

This approach is also one of the main reasons for the widespread adoption of AI and machine learning in business. Nimble organizations successfully compete in the modern economy with data-derived insights serving as a roadmap. It’s a great reason to develop a strategy for making your organization agile, both now and in the future.

Is your hiring strategy agile?

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