SaaS Career Trends 2022
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Software as a Service (SaaS) continues to be one of the most critical Cloud-based IT options for companies. Businesses save money with SaaS when compared to crafting their own internal applications. Of course, the advent of remote working after COVID-19 also convinced many other organizations to adopt this approach.

This increased usage of SaaS also boosted the need for experienced programmers and Cloud administrators. Understanding the latest trends in this technology niche remains important for any tech pro looking for opportunities. Check out these insights to inform your career plans over the next two years. Perhaps an interesting new job lies in your future?

The SaaS Industry Continues its Rapid Growth

An increase in remote work drives a rapid growth in the SaaS business sector. In fact, the technology consulting firm, Gartner predicts the SaaS market to increase to $265 billion by 2025. In addition to supporting a remote workforce, companies enjoy the flexibility and seamless scalability provided by adopting SaaS. With this market expanding with high velocity, expect a copious amount of job opportunities for technologists with service-based experience.

More SaaS Applications Add AI and Machine Learning

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest SaaS trends for 2022 involves an increase in the usage of AI. As companies try to glean actionable information from their data, they look to machine learning to find usable patterns. Additionally, AI powers other types of SaaS applications, like the customer service chatbots used in multiple industries.

If you boast significant experience in AI and machine learning, consider finding a new position in the SaaS space. Expect this need for programming talent to continue for at least the next few years.

Predictive Analysis Services Create a New Acronym

One of the application types for AI in SaaS involves finding actionable patterns in business data, as noted earlier. This use-case somewhat relates to the process of predictive analytics. Tech pundits expect an increased usage of analytics in SaaS applications in 2022.

In fact, those same pundits even created a new moniker for these kinds of applications: Insight as a Service. Of course, IaaS already boasts the moniker of Infrastructure as a Service in the IT world. So it remains to be seen if this alternate definition makes any headway. Nevertheless, software engineers and database professionals with analytics experience need to explore potential opportunities in SaaS.

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