5G Reimagining the World of FinTech 2022
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The advent of 5G networking continues to make a significant impact across the globe. Consumers enjoy faster mobile Internet speeds, providing they are located in an area with 5G service. However, the technology’s biggest reverberation resides within the business world. In addition to its well-publicized increased bandwidth, 5G’s lower latency brings the potential to be a true gamechanger.

Low latency makes using the Internet with a mobile device a more seamless experience. Expect this impact to be felt in business sectors from manufacturing to videogaming and even the FinTech world. So let’s look more closely at how 5G is slated to transform the financial industry.

5G Networking Increases Mobile Processing Power

One obvious advantage for financial companies due to 5G simply relates to its increased processing power. Mobile networks with higher bandwidth boast the ability to process more transactions compared to 4G. With many users conducting banking and securities trading smartphones, they enjoy a more seamless mobile experience on 5G.

Leveraging 5G to bring high-speed Internet to underserved communities also benefits the financial industry. This scenario allows them to target new customers with superior and secure banking services. Expect financial companies to increase their client base as a result.

Expanding Banking Services to Wearables and IoT Devices

Improved latency lets banks and financial services firms to craft apps targeting wearables and IoT devices. Faster transaction speed due to the lower latency brings a seamless banking experience to these other mobile devices. Over time, count on customers becoming more comfortable conducting banking and eCommerce transactions in a mobile fashion.

Improved Fraud Detection

The enhanced bandwidth of 5G also boosts the fraud detection capabilities of financial companies. Of course, the ability to process a higher number of mobile transactions comes into play. However, a real gamechanger is the potential to use facial recognition or other biometrics to vet each mobile transaction. Lower latency definitely matters for this use-case.

Supercharging Stock Trading

Once again, the faster speed of 5G allows financial transactions to be processed more quickly. This becomes a gamechanger when considering the competitive world of stock trading. Day traders keeping up on market news and conducting trades using a smartwatch becomes a more seamless experience.

Financial organizations must ensure their mobile apps for smartphones and wearables make it easy to perform trades. Expect this area to be an important competitive differentiator for companies in this sector.

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