Cybersecurity Footprint 2022
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The need for businesses to protect their technical infrastructures from cybercrime grows on seemingly a daily basis.

Of course, the increased adoption of remote working in the wake of COVID-19 greatly expanded network perimeters for companies. Not surprisingly, the home networks of remote employees make attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Thankfully, adopting a few enterprise architecture best practices helps your business improve its SecOps footprint. So leverage these insights to ensure your network, applications, and data stay protected from the scourge of unethical hackers. In the end, it remains the right approach for any organization hoping to thrive in an interconnected business world.

How Can Enterprise Architecture Boost Your Cybersecurity Footprint?

Make Cybersecurity an Important Part of Your Company’s Business Strategy

Many companies simply don’t give cybersecurity the attention it deserves. With the costs of a ransomware attack sometimes reaching hundreds of dollars, this needs to change. A well-considered SecOps approach must be aligned with the rest of your corporate IT strategy. Cybersecurity and data privacy remain critical components of any business’s risk management approach. In short, don’t short shrift SecOps!

Improve Cybersecurity Awareness Across Your Business

Ultimately, everyone of your employees resides on the front line of the cybersecurity battle. This situation remains a leading reason to increase SecOps awareness across the entire organization. Remember, if adopting remote working, each employee’s home network now becomes part of your company’s technical infrastructure.

So craft best practices for protecting your employees’ home networks. This includes understanding how to create strong passwords for WiFi routers. They also need to be able to recognize phishing emails and malformed URLs. After all, hackers leverage both as a conduit for spreading ransomware and other malware.

Additionally, employees using their smartphones or other mobile devices to access corporate technical resources becomes another risk. Restrictions must be in place when employees log on to your infrastructure from public WiFi networks. Make sure your employees fully understand their vulnerabilities and risks when using the corporate IT infrastructure. This same concept applies at home and when traveling.

Worry About the SecOps Footprint of Your Partners

If your company uses a host of third-party Cloud service providers, they also need to take cybersecurity seriously. Their network perimeters also become part of your own. Since a SecOps footprint is an important differentiator between Cloud providers, use it as criteria when vetting these companies. Don’t let their security hole cause a data breach for your company!

Do You Need Cybersecurity Professionals?

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