Sec Ops Jobs 2022
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The high demand for experienced cybersecurity professionals continues to create a host of lucrative opportunities.

In fact, many current tech pros earn a CISSA or similar certification to qualify for SecOps positions. So if you are considering a switch from your current role into cybersecurity, strike while the iron is hot!

In either scenario, it helps to know the best online resources for finding cybersecurity jobs. Because even with strong demand, you still need a strategy to seek out positions matching your career dreams. So check out this list of the top places to look for interesting new SecOps opportunities.

What Resources Should You Use to Find a SecOps Job?

Network Within The Cybersecurity Community

A robust professional network remains a great resource for finding IT jobs throughout your career. So make it a point to build your network both online and in-person. In the latter case, attend local industry mixers or cybersecurity-related events in your region.

Of course, a host of useful online forums and other groups current exist in the SecOps industry. Check out any LinkedIn groups related to cybersecurity and use them as an opportunity to add connections to your network.

Join a Cybersecurity Industry Professional Association

A variety of trade organizations exist in the technology industry, with some of them focusing on cybersecurity. These traditionally remain great sources of intriguing opportunities to build your career. For example, (ISC)² remains the top professional SecOps organization in the world. Joining this association gives you access to thought leaders within this tech industry sector, adding to your cyber know-how.

(ISC)² and a similar professional association, ISACA, are musts for anyone hoping to build a rewarding SecOps career. They help you forge a professional network while also making it easier to find new opportunities when necessary.

Identify a Company Where You Want to Work

Nearly all medium-sized and larger companies need some form of cyber protection. If you find a company that matches your hopes for a business sector and culture, pay close attention. Follow them on LinkedIn and connect with a few of their tech employees. Ask if any cybersecurity openings exist and apply for them when they become available.

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

Forging a partnership with a tech hiring agency gives you a great option for finding open cybersecurity positions. In fact, many agencies learn about openings before the general public, giving you the inside track. It’s the right strategy for building a SecOps career.

Ready to Find a SecOps Job?

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