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Long-term success in the technology field becomes easier if you make the effort to build a robust professional network.

Networking connects you with like-minded tech pros able to provide useful advice or insights when necessary. In addition, your network colleagues serve as a great resource for new opportunities if searching for a job.

With the goal of forging a lucrative IT career, check out these tips for building a professional network. Leverage these insights to stay interconnected with colleagues within the industry. The benefits from your network continue to pay significant dividends up until the day of your retirement.

How Can You Build a Professional Network?

Take Advantage of Any Relevant Networking Opportunities

Of course, expanding any professional network relies on you taking full advantage of networking opportunities that cross your path. This includes both in-person and online events or even chance encounters. For example, local industry groups in your region remain a great source of connections.

Online networking opportunities definitely increased in the wake of COVID-19. So pay attention to any events related to your tech role happening on the Internet. They provide a great resource for learning new technologies and growing your network.

Always Be Prepared For a Chance Networking Encounter

You never know when you might meet someone who ends up being helpful for your career. So always have a supply of business cards at the ready to offer one to a new connection. At the same time, have your proverbial “elevator speech” ready for whenever you meet a potential new colleague.

Focus on Meeting New People at Networking Events

When attending a technology industry mixer or exhibition don’t just talk to colleagues you already know. Instead, you need to focus on meeting new connections. After all, building your network remains one of the most important reasons for your attendance, right? Use this opportunity to learn about new technologies while also taking advantage of networking.

Keep an Active Online Presence Related to Your Career

Online networking resources remain plentiful for any technology professional. Maintain an active presence on LinkedIn and other forums specific to your career path. Join relevant groups, regularly make forum posts, and build an active presence. This approach ultimately helps your networking efforts while fostering your future career growth.

Also, consider publishing a blog to position yourself as an IT industry thought leader. Even making regular LinkedIn posts helps in this effort.

Are You Building Your Professional Network?

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