Designing a Productive Home Office
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The rapid onset of COVID-19 made remote working commonplace throughout most business sectors. Somewhat surprisingly, companies – especially technology employers – mostly maintained high productivity levels despite this transition into the unknown. In fact, many IT professionals now want to work from home permanently or a few days each week.

Of course, a well-appointed home office becomes critical to maintaining your productivity when working from home. A separate room with a door is a must to keep out distractions from family members, roommates, or pets. So check out these tips on designing a home office ensuring your productivity levels stay as high as possible.

How Can You Design a Home Office That Keeps You Productive?

Creating a Private Space That Lets You Focus on Work

Any home office needs to be private and lets you work without any distractions. Living by yourself provides a measure of flexibility when it comes to using a separate room with a door. In this scenario, you still need to set aside a dedicated area as an office.

However, if you live with family or friends, a private room becomes critical. Don’t let interruptions from friends, family, and even a pet distract you from your work. Over time, they end up siphoning your productivity.

Keep in Mind The Need For Regular Videoconferences

When remote working, you regularly take part in meetings conducted over a videoconference. These might be a daily Agile standup meeting, or a weekly get together with the entire team. Ultimately, they play a critical role in staying connected with your coworkers in another state or on another continent.

So ensure your home office boasts nice lighting and a professional-looking, neutral background. Take the time to record a test video or two to see how everything looks. Adjust the lighting if necessary, while also vetting the quality of your microphone. You want to always give a professional impression to your coworkers and clients.

Using an Actual Desk Helps You Stay Productive

Yes, telecommuting provides the opportunity to simply use a laptop and hang out on your couch the entire day. In the end, using an actual desk improves your posture, focus, and productivity. At the same time, is being couch-bound the right impression to give when meeting with your manager or client?

A real home office with a desk remains the right approach for the modern technology professional. You stay more organized and better able to give your daily tasks the attention they deserve.

Have You Designed The Perfect Home Office?

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