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The Cloud remains one of the most crucial technology innovations of the 21st Century. Formerly the domain of large enterprises, now businesses of all sizes benefit from adopting this approach to IT. Notably, during the switch to remote working after COVID-19, companies with a Cloud-based infrastructure made that transition more seamlessly.

If your company wants to take full advantage of the Cloud, developing the right migration strategy becomes critical. After all, you need to ensure your business operations suffers no loss in efficiency during the transition. With that goal in mind, check out these insights on crafting an effective Cloud strategy for your organization.

Determine What Pieces of Your Technical Infrastructure to Migrate

Of course, any Cloud migration strategy requires a significant planning process. Use it to determine what parts of your technical infrastructure to move to the Cloud. In many cases, all business applications, corporate data, and VOIP services typically become Cloud-hosted. Companies with a software development team also enjoy significant benefits from hosting development and QA servers in the Cloud. This is especially the case when using DevOps.

Data privacy considerations also come to the fore in regarding to hosting data in the Cloud. This typically happens with companies in the financial section as well as governmental agencies. For this scenario, a private or hybrid Cloud approach makes perfect sense.

Create a Detailed Timeline For The Migration

Any Cloud migration project needs a detailed timeline to minimize any downtime. Assign an experienced project manager to this role to ensure ITOps and business stakeholders reside on the same page. Each step in this process needs to be clearly delineated, including dependencies between systems. Additionally, if implementing new Cloud-based applications, ensure the necessary personnel receive training ahead of time.

Cybersecurity Considerations Become Crucial in The Cloud

When it comes to the Cloud – both during and after migration – cybersecurity becomes even more critical. In fact, companies migrating their IT assets to Cloud-based service providers make attractive targets for unethical hackers. With remote working now commonplace, each employee’s home network also resides on the edge of your company tech infrastructure.

Additionally, when deciding on Cloud vendors, closely vet their approach to cybersecurity. Also ensure your SecOps team understands the changes to their role post-migration. Producing a document detailing the best practices for your employees to protect their home networks is also vital.

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