Find a FinTech Job 2022
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The financial industry currently undergoing a digital transformation remains a great sector for finding high-paying technology positions. For example, FinTech companies leverage AI for a variety of purposes, creating a high demand for experienced software engineers. This situation means a large number of lucrative opportunities exist for developers with experience in machine learning.

So let’s take a closer look at the current market for technology candidates in the financial sector. In this scenario, tailoring your résumé with skills and experience in AI helps attract interested hiring managers. Leverage this information to keep your career on an upwards path while also working on the latest innovative technology.

What Can You Do to Find Your Next Job in FinTech?

The Demand For Tech Professionals Experienced in FinTech Remains Strong

Notably, a competitive financial world embracing technology fostered the current demand for tech pros experienced in FinTech. A recent study notes that the number of available IT jobs in finance remains higher than the available candidates. This environment simply calls out for technical candidates with experience with banking and finance companies. As noted earlier, highlight relevant skills and experience on your résumé to improve your chances at an interview.

These Technology Job Roles Are What FinTech Companies Want

Not surprisingly, financial sector businesses want IT pros talented in software engineering as well as data and analytics. In the first case, experience in machine learning remains very attractive to FinTech firms, as noted earlier. These organizations currently leverage AI to power customer service chatbots and automated trading machine learning models. Expect the opportunity to work on many interesting projects at the leading edge of artificial intelligence.

In addition, FinTech organizations rely on data analytics for a variety of purposes. This is another area where machine learning experience matters, helping data analysts glean actionable information from the company’s databases. So tech pros with experience in data analytics and AI enjoy many intriguing opportunities with forward-looking businesses in this sector.

Highlight These Skills on Your Résumé When Looking For FinTech Jobs

Again, software engineers and data analysts with programming experience remain ideal candidates for these financial companies. As such, highlight your programming language skills, especially in Python, Java, and JavaScript. In the work history section of your résumé, emphasize practical experience in machine learning. This includes writing, training, and publishing production quality ML models.

Data analysts need to highlight tangible experience in predictive analytics as well as the use of machine learning models. Also include relevant skills in that section of your résumé. This approach serves to attract recruiters and interested hiring managers.

Have You Found a FinTech Job Yet?

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