Great Resignation 2022 IT Staffing
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The Great Resignation continues to hamper operations for companies across nearly all business sectors.

If you lose one of your valuable employees, maintaining operational efficiency obviously becomes more of a challenge. In this scenario, a well-honed staffing process might make a crucial difference in a difficult market for IT professionals.

So let’s check out a few strategies for keeping operational efficiency as high as possible whenever an employee leaves. It becomes critical to plan for the eventuality your top employees might look elsewhere for another opportunity. Being prepared ensures your business handles any loss in talent without it adversely impacting your success.

Ways to Stay Efficient When an Employee Leaves

An Efficient Staffing Process is a Must

When trying to replace an important employee who just left your organization, speed is of the essence. A long staffing process becomes a risk, considering top tech candidates remain on the market for a few weeks. Simply reducing the number of interview rounds for the top applications helps speed things up.

At the same time, other strategies make your company’s staffing process more efficient. For example, craft detailed job descriptions that clearly delineate the required skills and experience to qualify for the position. This approach limits the number of candidates your HR team needs to parse before determining potential interviewees. Notably, using an applicant tracking system (ATS) also improves the efficiency of any recruiting effort.

Find Candidates That Fit Your Organizational Culture

Throughout each staffing process, focus on finding candidates that make a great fit with your company culture. Cultural fit ultimately plays a critical role in any employee staying with your organization for the long haul. Simply stated, hiring candidates that fit in directly improves your company’s retention rate. You maintain operational efficiency by reducing the amount of churn among your staff.

Leverage behavioral assessments to find ideal candidates for your organization. Also frame a few questions to determine each candidate’s career goals. Use their answers as part of your candidate-scoring process.  A data-intensive approach like this works best for sourcing new employees that want to stay.

Partner With an Experienced Staffing Agency

A partnership with an experienced technical staffing agency ensures your organization quickly replaces a great employee. The top agencies previously vet candidates, helping streamline your hiring process. They understand your culture and technology stack, and present only the candidates making a perfect fit.

Are You Staying Efficient When an Employee Leaves?

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