Becoming a Cloud Engineer 2022
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When looking at lists of the current top technology jobs, Cloud engineer typically stands out. The demand for these IT professionals remains high, with lucrative salaries available to experienced professionals.

Expect an average annual salary from $100,000 to $130,000. As more companies adopt Cloud-based technical infrastructures, expect this strong demand to persist. The increase in remote working definitely contributes to this increased adoption.

If becoming a Cloud engineer intrigues you, it helps to understand the skills and experience required for this role. Do you need specific training and perhaps a certification or two? Let’s answer these questions and look at a few strategies for putting you on a Cloud engineering career path.

How Can Someone Become a Cloud Engineer?

What Duties Are Performed by a Cloud Engineer?

Cloud engineers perform a host of functions related to a company’s Cloud-based infrastructure. They might be employed by a Cloud service provider or a company using those services. For those in senior-level roles, like a Cloud architect, these duties include the planning and design of Cloud architectures.

Additionally, those new to the field might be involved in the management and support of Cloud services. Some engineers also specialize in Cloud security or Cloud networking. These roles might be of interest to those with cybersecurity or network administration experience.

What Skills Are Necessary to Become a Cloud Engineer?

Most Cloud environments leverage Linux as their operating system. As such, Cloud engineers need to be well versed in Linux administration. This also includes maintenance and performance optimization. Additionally, familiarity with networking, virtualization, and containers is also critical.

Experience with managing Cloud-based databases also identifies a well-versed Cloud engineer. This includes both SQL and NoSQL databases, especially Hadoop in the latter case. Notably, it sees regular use in distributed Cloud environments.

Even some programming chops benefit a Cloud engineer. So, highlight any experience in Java, Python, and PHP on your résumé. If you are new to programming, learning Python first makes perfect sense.

Exposure to modern software development methodologies, like Agile and DevOps, attracts interested employers. Familiarity with other relevant technical concepts like cybersecurity, APIs, and SOAP also helps.

Strategies For Learning the Required Cloud Engineering Skills

If you lack experience in any of the relevant Cloud engineering skills mentioned above, consider taking a few classes. Follow these up by earning relevant Cloud certifications. Vendor-specific certs in AWS and Azure definitely help. Also, consider certifications related to certain skills, like Cloud architecture and Cloud security.

Are You Ready to Become a Cloud Engineer?

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