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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working became commonplace throughout the business world. Technology professionals largely benefited from this transformation, maintaining high productivity without the hassle of a daily commute.

At the same time, they now enjoy the opportunity to work for interesting companies located anywhere in the world. However, with remote working comes to the concept of a remote interview. Preparing for them requires a somewhat different approach compared to the in-person version. So let’s take a closer look at how to best prepare for a remote video interview. Follow this advice for the best chance at earning a job offer.

How Can You Prepare For Your Next Video Interview?

Prepare Your Home Office For Video Conferencing

If you plan on working remotely, you need a home office well-appointed for video conferencing. After all, if you get a job offer because of your video interview performance, expect regular remote meetings. A basic setup involves a computer with a webcam and a microphone. Spend a little extra if you want higher quality.

Also, ensure your office provides the right lighting for a video interview, and the background looks professional. Finally, be sure to test everything before the big day. This includes the video conferencing software used by the interviewer, likely Skype or Zoom. Find out what software they use when scheduling the interview.

Treat Remote Interviews Like The In-Person Version

Other than the video element, prepare for remote interviews in the same manner as the in-person equivalent. This includes studying your résumé the night or morning before. Focus on your relevant technical skills and tangible experience, especially those areas matching the job requirements. Also, spend time researching the company so you ask meaningful questions when prompted.

Practicing your interviewing techniques also remains critical. Ask a friend or colleague to serve as the interviewer. Work on speaking clearly and confidently while making natural eye contact. Watch out for any negative body language. These are all tips relevant to in-person interviews as well.

Also, dress professionally and look presentable just like when meeting with the interviewer in person. Note that clothing without patterns tends to look better over video.

Follow Up After The Interview

After the interview, be sure to thank the interviewer for the opportunity to chat. Send them a thank you note that same day. Contact them again in a week to see if they made a decision, but no more than that.

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