Building and Effective Hybrid Technology Team
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With remote working now commonplace and many employers wanting a return to the office, the hybrid workforce is here. Companies need to take a proactive approach to effectively manage teams with workers at home and at the office.

Maintaining high productivity levels while keeping everyone professionally satisfied becomes critical, especially in this era of The Great Resignation. So let’s look more closely at a few strategies for building a productive hybrid workforce for today’s business world. Leverage these insights to keep your employees engaged, focused, and happy. In the end, adopting a proactive approach keeps your company ahead of the game in a challenging job market.

How Can You Build a Hybrid Technology Team?

Adopt a Modern Technology Approach for Hybrid Team Meetings

During the pandemic, video conferencing became standard for holding meetings with remote staff. However, a hybrid workforce requires a different approach to keep attendees engaged. The metaverse continues to garner a lot of buzz as the future of the office. But this technology still needs to mature before it sees widespread adoption in the business world.

For a team meeting with workers located at home and in the office, a creative approach makes sense. Consider using a large screen for the remote workers, so they are more easily seen and heard. Another tactic involves giving each remote employee their own monitor on carts to be placed around the conference table. Many modern videoconferencing applications let you route remote employees to their own monitor to support this approach.

Take a Flexible Approach to Office Real Estate Rentals

Obviously, with a significant portion of employees working from home, your office real estate needs change. Having some of the remote staff in the office a few days per week only adds to the complexity. In short, the days of the cubicle farm might be over.

Leverage a flexible design that allows you to resize portions of your office as needed. An open area makes it easier to adopt the videoconferencing approach described earlier. Also, providing private spaces provides employees with the means to focus. Finally, consider downsizing the size of your office space rentals to save money over time.

Focus on Collaboration in This Era of Hybrid Work

Seamless collaboration remains critical despite the move to a hybrid workforce. Your managers need to focus on fostering the means for collaborating, be it in the office or remotely. A mixture of videoconferencing tech and flexible office design helps in this regard. However, proactive leadership still provides an important part of fostering teamwork during these complex times.

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