Forging a Thriving IT Career in A Hybrid Business World
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The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in the era of remote working, with most IT workers maintaining high productivity levels. However, many companies now want to return to the office, sometimes against the wishes of their employees.

This situation created the need for a hybrid workforce, with some engaged remotely while others work in the office. Building a lucrative technology career in this environment requires a somewhat different approach compared to earlier eras. You need to stay flexible, while combining your technical capabilities with a strong mix of soft skills. So let’s take a closer look at a few insights for thriving in this modern business world.

How the Hybrid Business World is Changing the IT Career

Flexibility Becomes Critical For Modern Technology Professionals

Tech employers increasingly want to hire IT professionals possessing a broad range of skills. Of course, specific abilities in technology with exposure to the latest tools, languages, and frameworks remain critical. However, softer skills continue to grow in importance in an IT world that relies on teamwork.

So be sure to highlight your soft skills as much as your technical abilities on your résumé. Companies want to hire tech professionals with strong communication skills – both written and verbal. These capabilities facilitate teamwork and collaboration. Also include creativity, leadership, and flexibility if relevant to your skills inventory.

Use the opportunity of a job search to craft a clear and easy to read résumé with a well-written cover letter. The work history section needs to illustrate the mix between technical know-how and your soft skills. In short, provide tangible examples of your positive impact in a hybrid work environment. Illustrating your flexibility to a potential employer is crucial!

Consistent Professional Development Builds a Resilient Career

The pace in which the technology world evolves rarely slackens, if ever. Because of this cold, hard fact, you need to constantly add to your technical and soft skills. In short, adopting a professional development approach helps you build a resilient career. Take advantage of any educational opportunities offered by your employer, but you might need to rely on yourself.

Part of this strategy involves regularly benchmarking your own technical abilities. At the same time, pay close attention to what skills are trending in the technology industry. Use information from both to get the right training to ensure your skill set remains marketable. Also expect soft skills, flexibility, and teamwork to help keep you in demand in an evolving hybrid business world.

Ready to Start a Career in IT?

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